5 Facts You Must Know About E-commerce SEO!

1) Crawl Budget

Crawling is the process of fetching indexed web pages with similar keywords. Whenever you type your query in the search engine, it quickly crawls the indexed pages and shows the result. The time taken to crawl web pages in a given time frame is known as Crawl Budget. From an SEO perspective, to enable the crawler to rank the webpages of your e-commerce website, you must make sure to create a definitive sitemap. It must be a clear guide of your website and must not have too many redirect chains because they make it difficult to crawl the redirected webpage. Also, you might have to choose which web page must be indexed and which ones can be left out.

Pro Tips

  • Make sure your XML sitemap is updated regularly.
  • Fix broken Links.
  • Prevent the indexation of useless content.
  • Get rid of duplicate pages.
  • Avoid long redirect chains.

2) Keyword Research

The three essential functions of Search Engine Optimization are Crawling, Indexing, and Ranking. The starting point of these functions is Keyword Mapping. Your E-commerce website will gain traffic only when the words you choose are in sync with the keywords assigned to that particular product. Let’s understand the working of keywords in general with the help of a small example.

Pro Tips

  • Amazon Suggests can give you exact targeted keywords.
  • The Rank tracker tool can mix keywords to see the most useful combination.

3) On-Page Optimization

We know that there are three major factors for an SEO to occur, that is, Indexing, Crawling, and Ranking. These three factors are the corollary of a process called Keyword research and mapping. We can influence those three essential steps of SEO by on-page optimization. It is a process of modulating the on-page factors to generate and enhance traffic on your webpage.

Pro Tips

  • Add modifiers to your title tags like Best, online, free shipping, cheap, deals, or review. For Example, The Best Soccer Shoes with free shipping.
  • Use attractive words to boost product and category pages. For Example, overnight shipping, sale, free shipping, Guarantee, X% off, etc.
  • Yellow Soccer Shoes: 30% off and overnight shipping on today’s order.
  • You can make your description tags unique by including call-to-action phrases. For Example, Awesome selection at the lowest price, click here to see all our exclusive deals on, get overnight shipping on all products.

4) Structured Data

Schema codes are very useful and crucial to get in the good books of Google. There are a plethora of schema codes available, and you can choose product schema and review schema.

  • Find products page with reviews and ratings and start tagging for reviews and ratings.

Pro Tips

  • Use google search console to cross-check whether or not the implementation of your schema is correct.
  • If you have performed schema set up properly, “Rich Results” will appear under the enhancements at the sidebar.

5) Duplicate Content

Duplication is when similar content (based on keyword mapping) shows up in different locations of the internet. Such duplication could severely affect your ranking, and that is because the search engine gets confused between the similar contents and which one to rank. There are essentially two types of duplication that occurs in E-commerce,

Off-Site Duplication Of Content

Off-Site duplication is a very common thing nowadays. To put it in simple terms, it means that if you are selling a product online and the content that you’ve used it generic, your website will not achieve any ranking by the search engine crawlers. They do this to avoid unnecessary duplicate content and to show unique results only.

On-Site Duplication Of Content

On-Site duplication of content has nothing to do with the content of your competitors. More often than not, there is duplication on your website,i.e., within the web pages. One way to resolve this issue is to make sure that CMS returns to only one URL for a particular product. This approach eliminates content duplication and ensures that your site’s Crawl Budget is used wisely.


E-commerce Website is the in-thing right now. Every business owner wishes to join this platform. As someone new to this platform, you must ensure that the above steps are adhered to and taken care of; Feel free to ping us in case of any query!



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