5 Mistakes To Avoid While Building A Rapport With Your Sales Leads

5 Mistakes To Avoid While Building A Rapport With Your Sales Leads

1. Rushing Things

Oftentimes we see sales professionals rush in to get the deals closed. Sometimes, they follow targets so blindly that they don’t realize, they were supposed to solve the problem and not sell the products/services.

2. Trying To Do The Hard Sell

Studying the background of the leads and then assuming their needs help you better when you try to pitch them rather than going all-in and pitch your services to every lead. There are multiple ways to find out what your leads are into nowadays and what are their areas of interest.

3. Saying ‘YES’ To Everything

Most of the time we see people saying yes or giving their nod to almost everything. It’s a human trait, everybody needs validation, everyone tries to fit in but businesses run on transparency and honesty. Of course, diplomacy has its own advantages but as a smart salesperson, you know when to use what to get the deal closed, that too through the right way.

4. Quoting Extravagant Prices

In the era of the Internet, as we know privacy is a myth. It’s a child’s play to know your competitor’s rate for both, you as a salesperson and them as a customer. So keep your rates real. Quoting way too high and then offering discounts would only lead them to value you and your services less.

5. Drifting The Conversations Unprofessionally

Most of us are socially active people and over a period of time, the meaning of it has changed and became that we all are active on social media platforms.

Signing Off

There are literally numerous mistakes that salespeople make throughout their whole career and only introspection and retrospection can make them better. Starting from prospecting to cold-calling, drafting emails to follow-ups, there are multiple instances where it is witnessed sales ninjas get agitated.



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