5 Mobile Trends That Are Considered The Future Of Mobile Development

5 Mobile Trends That Are Considered The Future Of Mobile Development

Mobile technology keeps on growing and touches new heights every day. Not a single day passes by when there is not a new update in the mobile development sector.

All kinds of businesses are following the trend of the mobile application, including small & medium scale businesses. Mobile apps are performing a very crucial role in increasing branding values, direct marketing, getting customer engagements by user-friendly UI & attracting customers by sending them to push notifications for offers & deals.

Look how far we came from using a brick-sized mobile phone with an aerial to pocket-sized smartphone carrying applications for almost all daily activities. We are texting, using social media to be in touch with friends and family, even paying bills online and sending office work through mobile. Smartphones, tablets are part of our daily routine. We rely heavily on such technology these days. So, we have come up with five current trends in mobile technology that would be very important for the future of mobile technology.

The following trends are significant for future mobile technology, and they would have a considerable impact on the industry.

Here Is The Complete List:

IoT (Internet Of Things)

Google & Apple have also introduced ways to allow homes to be automated by voice commands — Siri & Google Assistant. Similarly, Alexa echo by Amazon & Google Home is the device using which smart IoT devices can be controlled by using just voice commands while working also.

Artificial Intelligence

Some of the services/tools which are implemented based on AI:

  • Alexa
  • Google Home
  • Siri
  • Google Assistant

These services are already installed in smartphones, and you can also build mobile apps that will be providing voice recognition features using AI.

Inexpensive Smartphones

Cloud-Based Applications

There are various types of cloud platforms available in the market: AWS, Azure, Google, etc. It is expected to capture 76% of all revenue from the Cloud Platform in 2018 and 80% by 2020 by all these platforms.

Cloud-based applications will reduce the load on internal memory by fast fetching of data from the cloud using APIs. The cloud-based apps are most popular in the market because you can free up the local space of your device, which will increase the performance of the apps by using as much as fewer memories.



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