7 Issues While Integrating Third-Party Add-Ons On Your ExpressionEngine Website

7 Issues While Integrating Third-Party Add-Ons On Your ExpressionEngine Website

These days almost every organization has been using third-party integration platforms or add-ons, and the same is applicable and beneficial for the ExpressionEngine website. As you all know, this API software like ERP, payment gateways, etc, plays an important role in managing programming functions smartly and power the integration with another business’ app. For instance, your business might integrate Google’s API to power Google Ads Integration with the website.

Using API integration software will help you provide n number of advantages — reducing the workforce, saving time, efforts, & managing return policies. Integrating 3rd party add-ons to your ExpressionEngine Website helps businesses to manage numerous functions and operations rather than build one from scratch. It also allows web applications to communicate with other functions effectively.

Once you successfully integrate these add-ons with your EE websites as per your business’ and customers’ needs, it will assist in enhancing the number of customers. We understand that it might be daunting to perform these tasks on your own, so may hire an ExpressionEngine developer to help you with the same. Ultimately, you can focus on managing your website effectively. But it is necessary to check whether these add-ons work properly with your ExpressionEngine website or not because every integration doesn’t work efficiently on all websites.

So, if you are experiencing any issues while integrating third-party add-ons to your ExpressionEngine website, and you are unable to figure it out, here are some points to consider:

Third-Party Add-On Integration Problems

1. Time Constraints

2. Integration Cost

3. Lack Of Backup Or Archival Plan

4. Access Issues

5. Less Attention To UI

6. Lack Of Post-Implementation Training

7. Lack Of In-Depth Integration

Closing Thoughts

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