9 Must-Have WordPress Plugins For Developers To Improve Efficiency

1) Query Monitor

2) Duplicator

3) Display PHP Version

4) WP Database Backup

5) WP Staging — DB & File Duplicator & Migration

6) Email Notifications For Updates / Notification — Custom Notifications And Alerts For WordPress

7) Duplicate Post

8) Reorder Posts

9) Asset CleanUp: Page Speed Booster


  1. Developers can use a third party boilerplate for theme creation https://underscores.me/ If developers copy the default theme and extend that theme, the site also provides the Sass CSS structure and WooCommerce boilerplate template.
  2. If a client doesn’t have cPanel or declined to give you cPanel, then use adminer.php file download from https://www.adminer.org/ site to download the database. Apart from that, if the client doesn’t have wp-admin credentials, then by using adminer.php, you can change the user password and access the dashboard.



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