Experts Take On Qualified Leads V/S Unqualified Leads

Experts Take On Qualified Leads V/S Unqualified Leads

Creating The Buyer Persona

71% of companies that exceed their revenue and lead goals have documented personas, according to Boardview.

Using BANT Method

BANT is an acronym for Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline.

  • Authority: Am I dealing with the decision-maker directly or some manager who relies on someone else for approvals?
  • Need: Does the prospect have the requirement of what we are offering?
  • Timeline: In what time frame the prospect needs our services/products?

Developing Your Customized Criteria

Based on the type of business, the criteria vary. Like, the target audience, the services and products that you offer, etc.

Developing Your Own Set Of Metrics To Qualify The Leads

Based on experience and the behavior of a potential buyer, we can come up with a set of metrics that helps us understand and predict prospects better.

Signing Off

After qualified leads, spending time and effort will always propel the business no matter how much time it takes. The more you work with the lead lists, the more likely you will learn your way around it. Knowing several things surely helps, as the above pointers. Still, as long as you deal with real-time problems, you will have more ideas and criteria to focus on while identifying and differentiating better leads.



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