• Alli Polin

    Alli Polin

    I help people engage more purposefully at the intersection of life and leadership. Coach, Speaker, Blue Sky Dreamer. Mom Extraordinaire #Leadership #MaketheLeap

  • Christina Tarkoff

    Christina Tarkoff

    Artist. Oil Painter. Style = Figurative Realism. Subjects = Families. Famous Women. Not Famous Women. The Streets of Philadelphia, Fruits & Vegetables.

  • Bill Gelwick

    Bill Gelwick

    Dad, Musician, Marketer, starting a new record label for the modern era.

  • Sonal Mehta

    Sonal Mehta

    Content Marketer | Six Sigma Certified | Gold Medalist | Process Optimizer

  • MoneyDandy


    MoneyDandy is the main source of financial information. Start, run and grow their business, finance, online business, markets, real estate, education, law.

  • Smith Johnes

    Smith Johnes

  • Food Fight Studios

    Food Fight Studios

    Short-form animations and visuals that break convention.

  • Kavish Jash

    Kavish Jash

    Bibliophile | Passionate Writer | Entrepreneur | Creative Soul

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