Google Search Algorithm — Vicinity Update | What’s new?

What Is The Vicinity Update?

What Has Changed?



Acclimatizing To The Latest Google Algorithm Update

  • Ensure you provide accurate business information for organic visibility.
  • Getting your business listed on the first page of SERPs is dependent on the accuracy, completeness, and engagement of your Google My Business profile.
  • Improve your local authority and relevance, so Google displays your business in the local results. Complete business information enables you to compete against your competitors with incomplete or inaccurate information on their listings.
  • Make sure that your business rank on local map packs along with the SERPs.
  • Include the opening and closing time, and mention if you are closed on a holiday or a particular event during your business hours.
  • Encourage your clients to leave genuine reviews and respond to their feedback. It helps you forge lasting client relationships and demonstrates you value your customer’s feedback.
  • Include photos of your business, products, and services you offer. It makes your business more approachable, enhancing its local visibility.

Things to include in your GMB listing:





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We Fuel Notions that grow! We know Web, We know your industry and we’re here to help you.

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