How Can You Create Customizable Products In Shopify Without An App?

First Step:

Create your custom template for the product page: Do the login using your admin account and go to Online Store > Themes > … > Edit HTML/CSS. Click on the Edit HTML/CSS

Second Step:

Now find the section called “product-template. liquid” this is for the new theme files only who have the sections in their theme.

Now, It’s Time To See Each Form Field And Their Code. You Can Add Styling For The Fields In Your Styling File.

Field 1: Text box

Field 2: Checkbox

Field 3: Text area

Field 4 : Radio selection

Field 5: Dropdown box

Field 6: File Upload

Third Step:

Now, the products have the value; however, we need to show the product filled values in the cart page.

Fourth Step:

This is not the mandatory part of them if you wish to show the order email’s values in that case only you need to follow this step or ignore it as well.

Signing Off

In this blog, I have just written for the product section only; however, there are many small other features provided by Shopify. As a novice, you might not find the right shortcuts, which is why you must consider hiring a Shopify expert! If you need any assistance, you can just reach out to us for the same. We have been working in Shopify development for the last many years.



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