How Does The Subscription Functionality Work In WooCommerce?

What Is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is one of the many WordPress plugins that allow you to convert your regular website into an eCommerce website. With just a few steps, your WordPress website turns into a fully-functional e-commerce store website. You can quickly get the plugin from the WordPress free Plugin Repository or right from your WordPress dashboard.

What Is A Subscription?

A subscription is a system where goods and services are sold periodically rather than individually. In simple words, the end-user must pay a recurring payment at regular intervals like monthly or yearly for access or get the product.

How Does Subscription Functionality Work With WooCommerce?

One-time purchases sure are great but converting those customers into recurring payments is rather challenging. But here’s where WooCommerce comes into play. Given the wide popularity of this eCommerce platform, hiring a WooCommerce developer can unlock great customization options and enable a unique website just for your brand. Now that’s Amazing — after all, automatic recurring revenue is the most popular nowadays.

How To Set Up WooCommerce Subscriptions Plugin

Ready to start selling WooCommerce subscription products? Let’s get started.

1. Choose The Right Payment Gateway

WooCommerce offers lot’s of different payment gateways options, but not all of them:

  • Support all the automatic recurring payments functionality.

2. Configure WooCommerce Subscriptions Settings

Once you’ve selected a compatible payment gateway, you’re ready to set up the basic WooCommerce Subscriptions settings that how your subscription products function.

  • Can they renew early?
  • When do subscriptions renew?
  • Etc.

3. Create Products Subscription

Once you have configured all the subscription settings, you’re ready to create the actual subscription products that the customer will purchase.

  • Descriptions
  • Categories
  • Product images
  • Never expires
  • Has no signup fee or trial period
  • It doesn’t have a sale price.

How WooCommerce Subscriptions Works For Shoppers

Ok, so you saw the awesome Food recipes book subscription product above.

How WooCommerce Subscriptions Works For Store Admins

On the WordPress Admin side, you can manage your subscriptions explored by WooCommerce → Subscriptions. There, you’ll see an all-subscription order of all your subscriptions, along with their status (e.g., active or canceled).

Wrapping Up

WooCommerce dominates the eCommerce market by powering over 28% of the total online stores. As things go back to the post-COVID condition, the eCommerce arena will become the new normal in the retail sales industry. When you hire a WooCommerce developer, you unlock a great deal of potential for your website. Your WordPress website is not merely an eStore but a haven to attract 2x traffic. Through this blog, we’ve seen how the subscription functionality works in WooCommerce. It is a helpful piece of information for newbie developers and DIY-ers.



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