How To Install Expression Engine? Know These Few Easy Steps

Expression Engine has become one of the recommendable and suited Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. As there are many CMS alternatives available in the market, selecting the best CMS option like ExpressionEngine will help develop a successful and responsive website. And for further help, hire an ExpressionEngine developer to ease website creation.

ExpressionEngine contains some of the best features, which also stand out from the other CMS platforms. These days, you will find thousands of sites are designed and powered by ExpressionEngine sites. Its flexible and reliable architecture provides multiple access options, which makes your website more responsive and extensible.

Having realized all the essential elements of the CMS, we will highlight a few easy steps to install ExpressionEngine.

How Does ExpressionEngine Work?

ExpressionEngine CMS is based on an authenticated and nice UI based control panel that helps designers to publish the content effectively. This platform is highly compatible and flexible with almost every device and works flexibly with other platforms.

When you frame an effective content and publish, ExpressionEngine saves it in the database and shows in real time to users who visit your website. Eventually it creates pages according to design, database content, formatting for every user. The dynamic approach of ExpressionEngine empowers the flexibility of your website and shows exactly the same content on every device, no matter what markup has been set up.

At the time of publishing the content, ExpressionEngine stores the content inside the channel. The channel is considered as a simple information and independent element free from the pages usually visitors see, it is known as Templates. ExpressionEngine can effectively get complete control over the markup set on every page, which publishes your content dynamically.

Furthermore, ExpressionEngine offers you a freedom to update pages manually and let you control, and optimize the content of every page.

Prerequisites For ExpressionEngine

Install ExpressionEngine Binaries

Point To Consider While Installation

  • In the Email text column, type the email address of the administrator.
  • When you see the password administration text column, type administrator’s password.
  • Type the name you want to see at the top of the channel entries and your posts, when you see the screen name text option.
  • Type the name of the website in the site name text box.
  • First you have to delete the installed directory to log in, for this, type following commands mentioned below in your SSH connection window.

cd ~/public_html/system
rm -rf installer

What Does ExpressionEngine Do For You?

Once you install ExpressionEngine, you must have some desire to check and see what this CMS platform offers. It has some of the best functionalities to create your advanced and unique web application and site. Let’s have a look -

Spam Prevention

This CMS — ExpressionEngine has built in a mechanism to detect spam and protect from it quickly. It helps to take relevant actions and fix them. You can detect malicious and harmful sources that are constantly hitting up your search engine elements. It has filter options to provide the right information and content to prevent spam.

Infinitely Extensible

ExpressionEngine can be extended infinitely. Extensibility is the major key of this CMS that provides you flexibility to build and automate 3rd party add-ons effectively.

Powerful Templates

EE platform offers pre-built powerful templates, lso you can customize them as per your desire and requirements through programming and offered layout blocks to build new functionality.

Easy Updates

ExpressionEngine is very easy to update, you just need to click the button in the control panel and it will be done automatically.

Closing Thought

There are multiple Content Management Systems available in the market to optimize your website and application but you have to decide what suits you and your requirements better. ExpressionEngine as a CMS platform is designed to offer better flexibility, reliability to the community for easy content management, functional security and performance. So, it is recommended to consult with ExpressionEngine Experts to make your upcoming website successful!

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