Technology To Overcome Complex Challenges Faced By The Construction Industry In The Uk

The post-covid-19 era is indeed an exciting time for the construction industry in the UK. It is one of the largest GDP contributing sectors; economists have a keen eye on the construction industry’s growth and challenges. The fact can’t be ignored that the construction industry in the UK has been facing several challenges. However, the good news is all those challenges can be easily overcome by embracing digital transformation in the construction. Yes, you heard it right. Construction IT solutions can ease the pain and streamline complex processes.

Firstly, Let Us Take A Look At The Existing Challenges The Construction Industry Faces.

Delivering On-Time And Within Budget

Shortage Of Skilled Workers

Inefficient Processes

Failure To Embrace Technology

But this isn’t the end of the story, and it’s just an insight; all these challenges can be easily overcome by construction digital transformation.

Construction Digital Transformation To Tackle The Inherent Industry Challenges

  • Project collaboration can be made easy, timely and effective with mobile apps and web-based solutions like bid management apps, online bid boards, etc. Mobile technology enables construction businesses for real-time data collection and transmission between the job site and project managers in the back office.
  • Cloud-based construction software solutions enable on-site employees to submit timecards, expense reports, requests for information (RFIs), work records, and other verified documentation. This can save a considerable number of hours per year in data entry and automatically organises critical files.
  • Cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, IoT based sensors and drones can also boost site productivity while making them safer and quality compliant.
  • With drones, developers can quickly conduct job site inspections and identify potential hazards each day.
  • Sensors built on equipment and materials monitor and track how everything else moves around the construction site. Once enough data sets are collected from these sensors, with the use of artificial intelligence, it is possible to analyse how workers move about and interact with the site to develop solutions to reorganise the placement of tools and materials to make them more accessible to workers and reduce downtime.
  • Wearable tech in construction is also booming up. Smart wearables like work boots, hard hats, gloves, safety vests, safety glasses and others can enhance the safety and efficiency of the workers.

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