The Role Of Analytics In Your Magento 2 Store In 2021

Importance of Google Analytics in Magento 2

Google Analytics offers you real-time statistics and insightful data about your website traffic. It will tell you how many people visit your website, how many people purchased products, who the customers are and where they are coming from, how much they have spent time on your website, etc.

Benefits of Google Analytics

There are several benefits for Google Analytics which helps in increasing business marketing and many more.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization is a way where it allows you to represent your data in the form of Charts, Pie Charts, Graphs, Lists, and Spreadsheets. This makes your data so attractive that you can see how your website performs and where to increase business goals. In short, it makes sense of data to represent your business.


Reporting allows you to draw conclusions from it. With the platform reporting capabilities, it will enable you to gather further insights information and identify causes and correlations.


Google Analytics provides you real-time information about your website. You can check your website performance by comparing metrics based on daily, monthly, hourly, weekly, etc. You can also track your traffic based on your specific campaign.

Target Audience

Google Analytics benefits your business by providing you information about people who visit your website. It helps to gather demographics information like age, gender, email, location, etc. With this information, you can identify who among your target audience and where it comes from. It also helps you to collect information about the interest of your visitor. It also tells you what people are doing once they visit your website.

Website Channel

Google Analytics helps you provide information about which channels lead people to a website like a newsletter email, social media, or third-party reference. You can see which campaigns are most successful. You can also examine the heavy traffic from which social media channels focus your resources on those areas.

Website Pages

Google Analytics tells you which pages are most frequently visited and which pages lead to more pages. This reveals which information is most relevant to users to optimize the user experience on a website.

Setup and Configure Google Analytics in Magento 2

Step-1: Create An Account On Google Analytics

You can visit the “ create link “ to create an account:

Account Setup

Property Setup

About Your Business

Step -2: Create A Universal Analytics Tracking Code

Step-3 Configure Magento 2 By Adding The Given UA Tracking Code

This you can manage from Stores->Configuration->Sales->Google API

Final Takeaway

I hope you understand the role and concept of Google Analytics in Magento2. This way, you can track any event and collect any data of your website into google analytics. Find the best extension or use the default feature of Magento for Google Analytics. Try to use it always on each website. In case you find some difficulty, you can always hire a Magento Developer to help you out.



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