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In the span of fewer than three months, millions of people are affected and thousands of businesses are closed down temporarily. Although social distancing is currently highly required, ZealousWeb is strategically positioned in the different geographic areas to provide assurance to our existing and prospective clients that we are enabled to respond and ready to recover from a disruption.

We have a pre-defined and well-documented business continuity plan to navigate the impact of Covid-19 with remote working best practices.

Yes, we are still open and serving our clients by 100% of the staff working from home.

We duly understand our clients’ needs for impeccable and timely delivery of services. We are highly committed to meet as well as exceed expectations no matter what the circumstances are!

Our commitment to meeting and exceeding your expectations remains constant and unchanged
despite the evolving coronavirus outbreak.

At ZealousWeb, we have a very well established Pandemic Response Plan (PRP) to ensure continued quality and timely service delivery in the face of the growing pandemic threat represented by the COVID-19.

Our readiness for business continuity during the pandemic:

  • 100% of our global workforce is working remotely.
  • All our remote staff members have stable high-end internet connectivity, proper home office set-up which will help them to meet deliverables on time.
    In spite of remote work structure, all our stand up meetings and scrum meetings take place on time to ensure that we all are in sync and nothing gets hampered.
  • All our project-related communication takes place over trusted project management and team management tools like Basecamp, JIRA, Trello, Teamviewer, Orangescrum, Slack, Skype, Zoom, GitHub, G-Suite, Dropbox, etc.
    To help our clients located in different countries, Zealousions have adopted happy and flexible work hours to meet our clients’ new routine and task priority, if any.
  • All our servers are hosted on the cloud and fully secure, so there is no threat of data security and protection — neither for us nor for our clients.

We sincerely hope that day is not far when normalcy will return. Let’s join hands, together we can and we will overcome this Covid-19 crisis.

Originally published at https://www.zealousweb.com on December 9, 2019.

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